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Forget the lies & propaganda the schools are teaching you. We're re-educating the world with TRUTH, LOGIC & COMMON SENSE!!!

It's Assassins: ICP, the game that use to be hosted on newgrounds.com. You can now play this game exclusively at schooltrashers.com!!!

It is estimated that 90% make up the juggalo subculture's criminal element, which has been linked to numerous crimes including murder, drive-by shootings, drug trafficking, arson, burglary, home invasion, armed robbery, aggravated assault, and weapon offenses, and has been documented collaborating with a wide array of street and prison gangs. The other 10% of self-described juggalos(a.k.a. juggahoes/juffalos/juffahoes) are peaceful, non-criminal music fans.

Destroy the clowns that created the juggalo cult/gang and break the spell of ICP's brainwashing. The juggasheep must be free of the curse they live.




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