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Name: Player-X³
Hometown: Grand Rapids, Michigan
Favorite Music: Almost every kind of music EXCEPT Pop, Rap, R&B, Emo, Screamo and Dubstep.
Likes: Moshing at concerts
Dislikes: Drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes.
Fighting Style: Brawler and Wrestler
Powers: Sarcasm and the ability to piss off people with the truth.
Quote: Fear Nothing, Gain Everything!

He is a skilled hacker. His fighting style is a mixture of brawling and wrestling. He's been having trouble at school ever since childhood. He has fought bullies since kindergarten and got in trouble every time that happens. He now stands against the Swaggalo Gang. He found out information about some of the members of the Swaggalo Gang that involves Swaggalos being registered sex offenders and other illegal activity they committed. It was because of this that Player-X³ decided to fight against the Swaggalo Gang.



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