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Educating people with the truth, by trashing indoctrination & extremist views since 2005.


Name: Ninja-X³
Hometown: Grand Rapids, Michigan
Favorite Music: Metal, alternative rock
Likes: Playing video games.
Dislikes: Lame annoying music.
Fighting Style: Ninjutsu
Powers: Truth, logic, and common sense.
Quote: It's Clown Bashing Time

Ninja-X³ started learning Karate when he was 7. He's also learned Ninjutsu as he got older since he is obsessed with ninjas. He became a ninja in his adult years in order to fight crime against extremist groups and gangs such as the CommuNazis, the Kommie Kucks Klan, and the Swaggalo Gang(a gang of clowns, hence the quote "it's clown bashing time").


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