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We here at SchoolTrashers.com are fighting against lies, slander, indoctrination, and propaganda. We are Anti-Totalitarians, meaning we're against both Nazis and Commies. We've been exposing Nazis and Commies for years now. Unfortunately, our schools are infested with communists promoting wokeism, while social media sites like Facebook are protecting real white supremacists and Nazis from being exposed. Which is strange because social media sites are usually woke, right? Well, wokeism isn't about exposing real white supremacists nor stopping them, it's about censoring & slandering conservatives and anyone else who doesn't agree with Leftists or Democrats in general.

A prime example of this is when I posted Ukrainian soldiers holding a Nazi flag. I was censored for posting that. I was also censored for posting a picture of a racist white supremacist who had rebel flag imagery on his FB profile. Now, why in the world would social media censor that? It's because they're protecting Nazis & White Supremacists. Another example is when I posted a meme showing how Democrats had not changed in decades, it shows the actions of the KKK and compares their actions to Antifa. Conservatives have consistently condemned riots and lawlessness. Democrats have funded and encouraged riots and lawlessness.

So I've decided to become an Anti-CommuNazi (Anti-Commie & Anti-Nazi). But the proper term for that is Anti-Totalitarian, which is practiced by protesters in Poland because they too oppose totalitarian ideologies. I am also an Anti-Extremist, meaning that I am against the KKK, Antifa, Commies, Nazis, MGTOW, Feminazis, Leftists, the Alt-Right, and any other ideology that promotes hate, violence, murder, riots, looting, bigotry, segregation, racism, sexism, theft, rape, stereotyping, and vandalism. So I am on a mission to trash indoctrination and extremist views by educating people with the truth and exposing the lies and the crimes of these extremist groups and ideologies.

The pics below are examples of how social media websites are censoring content they don't like or don't want people to see the truth. This is why fighting against censorship is important.

Facebook protecting white supremacists by censoring my post exposing a white supremacist.

Facebook using an unrelated fact-check to justify censoring my post.

Facebook protects sex traffickers by censoring #SaveTheChildren

Facebook "Fact-Checking" a post related to #savethechildren

Twitter censors Gina Carano. Apparently, peace & unity offends Groomers.

Twitter meddling in the 2020 elections by censoring the Hunter Biden laptop story.

Adrian Norman makes a valid point against Facebook for censoring #SaveTheChildren.


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