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Educating people with the truth, by trashing indoctrination & extremist views since 2005.

Our website is dedicated to fighting against indoctrination and extremist views. We're against the Alt-Right, Leftists, the KKK, Antifa, Nazis, Commies, Social Justice Warriors, Bible Thumpers, MGTOW-Nazis(woman-hating MGTOW extremists), Feminazis(man-hating Feminists), Anarchists, any race supremacy groups(White Supremacy, Black Supremacy, etc), and any other violent hateful extremist group.

We are anti-hate, pro-peace and pro-freedom. We're against riots, looting, vandelism, destruction, rape, violence, and murder. We're against bigotry of any kind because racism, sexism, and homophobia has no place in our society. Unfortunately a lot of extremist groups are filled with hate and bigotry. We're here to expose these extremist groups and put an end to their extremist views and ideology.

Ninja-X³ is an American YouTuber who posts videos related to politics, entertainment, 16-Bit style video game music, and gaming videos. The name "School Trashers" comes from his days of rebeling against the school with both his brothers and his friends back in 1996-1998, when they would disobey rules and make the teachers lives feel miserable. Now School Trashers means educating people with the truth by trashing indoctrination and extremist views.

Before he became Ninja-X³, he was originally Player-X³ when he ran his own website(schooltrashers.com) in 2005. Which had a message board, online comics(mainly consisting of his feud with his enemies), and links to his social media sites.

He feuded with the Juggalos in 2005 as Player-X³, which ended by the end of the year with the help of his friends. He then went on to create a YouTube channel in 2006 and he uploaded a video of himself kissing his ex-girlfriend's mother in 2007. The Player-X³ character has appeared multiple times on the Ninja-X³ YouTube channel since then.

By December 31st, 2008 he changed his name to Ninja-X³ as a way to get under the skin of Juggalos, shall he feud with them again. By 2011 he started producing videos as the Ninja-X³ character.

In 2014 he feuded with the Juggalos and exposed them of their crimes on a page called To Catch A Juggalo Predator. The feud ended in 2017 when Juggalos stopped showing up in downtown Grand Rapids.

Ninja-X³ has a girlfriend name Vixie, who is a character who has appeared first in live-action and then on multiple gaming videos. To this very day, she has not done an unmasking video, and the woman who plays as her wishes to remain anonymous.

Ninja-X³ currently does videos exposing Leftists' lies and propaganda. He did the same thing when he was feuding with Juggalos, which is how he managed to gain hundreds of subscribers since 2011. Recently he gained over 1000 subscribers in October of 2020.

Political Views & Beliefs:

Ninja-X³'s political views have always been centrist liberal and he's an Independent voter. Voting for the likes of Al Gore, Ralph Nader, Barack Obama, and Jill Stein. He used to criticize Donald Trump in multiple YouTube videos.

However in 2020 after the DNC screwed over Tulsi Gabbard, Ninja-X³ began to support Trump and he even admits he was wrong about Donald Trump and his supporters. Ninja-X³ speaks against extremists from both sides of the political aisle such as the KKK, White Supremacists, Nazis, Commies, Antifa, MGTOW extremists(who hate women), Feminazis(third and fourth wave man-hating feminists), Social Justice Warriors, Anarchists, The Alt-Right and Leftists. He is pro-freedom, pro-peace, and anti-hate.

Ninja-X³ is against riots, looting, and the murders that are occurring during these so-called "peaceful" protests. He has been very vocal on Twitter, Instagram & YouTube about the deaths of innocent black people such as Secoreia Turner, Horace Lorenzo Anderson Jr, David Dorn, and David Patrick Underwood. He criticized the mainstream media for ignoring their deaths, he believes that they were ignored because it does not fit the Democrat's narrative of cops killing black people.

Ninja-X³ opposes Democrats and vows never to vote Democrat again, due to his belief that the Democratic Party is completely corrupt.



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