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About SchooL TrasherS -

SchooL TrasherS is based on real life events that took place in my school during 1996-1998 when me, my brothers and a couple of friends rebelled against the school by breaking rules & disobeying the school's faculty members.
I created a bizarre spin off of the idea as "superhero characters", kinda like Power Rangers, except it's a group of superheroes going up against faculty members of the school. That idea however no longer applies to the characters I created as time went on.
I was mainly influenced by a movie called Class Of 1999 when coming up with the idea, as well as reading an issue of Superboy where he mentions trash and school in the same sentence. I created the first character Player-X³ on December 31st, 2000. Vixie & Master-X³ was created in 2005. Ninja-X³ was created in 2008.

As Time Went On:
The characters these days aren't really superheroes, since they have no super powers. The characters now fight against brainwashed groups who terrorize the city of Grand Rapids. I have published at least one online comic on my Tumblr page. So you can kinda see where I'm going with my vision of the characters.

The History Of My Website:
In 2000, this website originally started off as a message board. It later turned into an official website in 2005. The message board is no longer active due to the invention of websites such as facebook, twitter and youtube.
During 2005, this website was originally an anti-school website. We would use evidence of how bad the principals and teachers can be to students. However due to my feud with Juggalos, this website had anti-Juggalo comics during 2005. We won the feud during the fall of 2005, with the help of a wrestling message board(which no longer exists).
So in July of 2014 after ICP lost the lawsuit against the FBI, my website began publishing anti-Juggalo comics & videos. We became an anti-Juggalo website for a while.
As of 2017, we shift focus away from exposing juggalos & decided to make new changes. As of right now we're a news & comic website, although we have yet to produce new comics. We also criticize brainwashed alt left & alt right groups such as SJW's, Juggalos, Trumpanzees, MGTOW, Incels & many other similar groups who label themselves. Doesn't matter if they're liberal or conservative, any sheep minded groups will be criticized.




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